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This original artwork is the banner for ARO by design. It is a collage of art fused in digital cubism!!!

ARO by design

ARO by design stands for Alchemical Rennaissance Organization by design. One design at a time, ARO by design is dedicated to improving the quality of life by reconnecting nature with humanity through awareness, education, and art for all the senses. Members of ARO are committed to ecologically beneficial ways creating in harmony with Mother Earth. Living clean and green is not only a life style, it is an opportunity for you to choose where you place decision making power from the money you spend. What do we choose to consume? How do we choose the tools and raw materials we create with? It is through this kind of sustainable dedication that we can collectively make a difference one decision at a time.

The focus for all ARO members is to generate sustainable eco-beneficial practice in all aspects of the creative process. Is this beneficial for me and my planet? In these modern times one creative individual can have many hats to share. ARO by design caters to artists who wish to share their many talents on one platform. The platform is your webpage easily created through ARO by design's template for members. As members we pledge to create our way of doing business with honesty integrity and compassion for all living beings. This organization is meant to someday serve as a foundation to foster creativity and quality of life for those who are not fortunate enough to have the means to pursue their talents as artists, designers, alchemists, musicians and poets of all ages. Below is a list of current goals for launching the web site for ARO by design

One Body One Earth One Ocean

"When one tugs on a single thread in nature, he find it connected to the rest of the world." - John Muir

About the Founding Artist

Stephanie Sellers Sakasai is an artist for all the senses making music, visual art, olfactory art, and as a conceptual artist, she designs for improving the quality of life for people and planet. When she first began the life long adventure of being an artist Stephanie realized that, no matter what, her path needed to be in harmony with mother earth. She actually got her start learning the art of natural cosmetics and skin care, at the age of 13, with the dream of someday making a completely natural petroleum free cosmetics and skin care. Then she began modeling as a teenager before stepping back to the other side of the camera using her artistic talents as a makeup artist in Hollywood, CA. That soon segued into new concepts namely feature length video production and playing in a band by 1987.

By 1988 she was body painting for shows and exhibition and designing special effects. Although she loved this kind of work, she knew she needed to be painting on something more permanent than bodies and faces in order to be the artist she wanted to be. She began to apprentice, with Atila Secora a Yugoslavian/Hungarian born artist, abstract art with water colors and india ink mediums. In the Spring of 1989 Stephanie continued her self studies of fine art, music and cultural anthropology in Tokyo, Japan. It was there where she blossomed into the green artist she is today. About 6 years later she returned to the US and created ARO by design in 1994 out of the need to combine her lifes work and practice in ecologically beneficial alchemy. In 2004 she decided she needed to share what she has learned for the benefit of all beings, so she created "Eco Alchemy 101 Green Solutions For Everyday Living" and began to teach and design Green Solutions with professionals, and people of all ages in an easy to share hands on platform.

A Word From Our Founder

My long time hypothesis for finding the solutions for an environmentally sustainable future is to discover the answers through the wisdom found in indigenous cultures of the world past and present. Utilizing these ancient skills and green technology, we can consume sustainably designing with renewable raw materials and ecologically beneficial resources. This is how I believe we can create a cultural foundation for peace. When human beings realize we have the power to relieve our suffering and the suffering of others through awareness and compassion we grow as a civilization, respecting each Country's autonomy, each individuals right to be free from poverty, homelessness, oppression and prejudice.

We have a plethora of renewable resources on our planet, we only need to look at the nature around us and the trash that needs transforming. Know it is possible to ween oneself from the addiction of consumption and pains from over indulgence simply by opening up to the nature that abounds and supports life on earth. Even in a city you can find nature eventually popping through the concrete giving life to the dead soil below.

Every ancient civilazation has some valuable wisdom to share with the modern man. Most of all, it seems that the wise teachers past and present speak the same language of respecting the nature that sustains you. We are one body connected to one earth and one ocean when we realize the threads that binds us we are free to grow.

This is the dream I wish to share.

Stephanie Sellers Sakasai


Alchemist Renaissance Organization

Ongoing Environmental projects

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher." - William Wordsworth

Green Solutions For Everyday Living

Green Solutions For Everyday Living is an easy to share platform for taking back your power through natures tools for a cleaner environment without the use of toxic chemicals, additives, synthetic scents and detergents.Through education and hands on teaching people of all ages can learn how to use nontoxic ingredients to improve their quality of life in balance with the nature around us.

What started as a way to teach eco beneficial solutions soon became the inspiration "Green Solutions for Everyday Living" a book dedicated to improving the quality of life through petroleum free body care, pet care, house and garden care recipes.In this section of the web site I would like to include the following:

The Butt Stops Here!

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” ― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

One day the question arose between two local environmentalists." What is the biggest source of pollution on the planet?" Guess what? the answer is cigarette butts. No Butt's about it more than 4.3 trillion butts pollute our planet. Butts are a source of both non-point pollution and direct-source pollution.

And so the San Lorenzo Valley Women's Club Environmental Committee started a sub committee and started "The Butt Stops Here" Campaign for Cigarette Pollution Reduction in 2011.

Below is a bullet list of what I would like to build in this section "The Butt Stops Here":

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