SASS the Artist

Stephanie was born in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas in 1968. She is part Cherokee, Italian with an extra blend of Swiss and German. As a child she came to California with her Mother. She is a life long self taught artist who enjoys exploring ion all the senses. Her art expands through music and olfactory design.

Stephanie has been a professional artist since 1988. Beginning in the art of water color she took it to the next level and traveled to Japan in 1989 where she spent 6 years enjoying a career as an artist and entertainer then later settling down into the world of teaching children. She has done numerous interviews and was on a regular weekly TV show in Japan prior to her experience teaching Japanese school children through visual stimulus including songs and a continuing story of ABC's Planet - a phonics based system for the english language.

Back in the US

Stephanie is a mother and a teacher as well as an artist. She has volunteered for several orgaizations over the past 18 years in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Currently she regularly volunteers for Valley Women's Club Environmental Committee, WAMM, and the Mountain Pars Foundation.

Stephanie has exhibited her works from Saratoga to Felton over the years and is currently working on a new series to be revealed in 2014.