Eco Beneficial Art

I am an ecologically beneficial artist focusing on sustainable non-toxic solutions in all the mediums I choose to paint or create in. I created this term back in 1989 when choosing which way to focus my artistic contribution as an artist. What this means is that I design and source raw materials as an artist and olfactory designer that are petroleum, chlorine and hexane free. Through the years I have taught my self to use pure essential oils in place of petroleum based distillates, turpentines or heavy solvents. During those learning years I focused my art on water based mediums from body painting exhibitions, to india ink abstracts on rag paper and the art of Sumei, Japanese water color.

With respect for our Great Mother Earth my focus is to keep my human foot print light and as simple as possible while at the same time consciously caring for the nature and humanity around me. Not only do I reuse the materials like scratch paper and tools, I been painting on tree free paper since 1988. I use recycled papers and tree free paper for sketches thumb nails and printing whenever possible and since 2005, I've been making hand made paper out of recycled shredded paper that would other wise go to the trash. I go paperless when ever possible and implement digital art and web design from a lap top that was built using far less resources in the manufacturing process than a standard desktop. All this said, in 1994 I created Alchemist Renaissance Organization by Design, ARO by Design, with a mission of dedication to continue to improve the quality of life for One Body One Earth One Ocean. By 2004 I created the concept of Eco-Alchemy "Green Solutions for Everyday Living" to further teach and inspire how to empower yourself with natures tools how to make your own nontoxic household cleaners, personal body care products and pet care solutions and take back the power of your dollar spent.

The Artistic Path

I have been painting, singing, and designing things since childhood. I am self-taught artist, musician and olfactory designer. A while back I chose to lead my path in alignment with my spirit and as a result I soon began to design paint and illustrate my perception of what is light giving and beneficial for the Earth and humanity. There is so much grief,darkness and disparity in this world and many many people are suffering. It is my sincerest wish that all humankind be free and that we can all experience peace. Through loving kindness may humankind heal our planet and the wounds of the past to unite and be present to experience the beauty of being here now and choose to take back this amazing power we have in this time of renaissance and transformation. I truly believe there is so much we can do when we have the power of loving kindness united.